Sustainability - Roseda Farm, Monkton, MD
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Roseda Farm Pasture at Dawn

Greener Pastures


Committed to the Environment

Mindful of our impact, Roseda Farm strives to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Roseda is an intentionally local company, servicing companies primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region, and we have streamlined our breeding and feeding processes to make them as eco-friendly as possible.


Gentle Grazing

Roseda lessens the impact of erosion by feeding our cows on rotational grazing cycles. Our cattle do not stay on one field throughout their entire growth process, which gives the land time to regrow and regenerate more quickly, and gives the cattle more consistently fresh grass to graze.

Cattleman with Black Angus
Soil Conservation

Award-Winning Watering

Roseda cattle are watered through a gravity-based water system that prevents runoff into local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. We do not use irrigation, and we actively fence cattle out of areas close to streams to even further protect animal waste and particulates from getting into the water.

In 1999, Roseda was awarded the Cooperator of the Year Award from the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District for our improvements to diminish erosion and runoff.

Hay Bales Soil Conservation

Toward a Bright Future

Roseda is also proud to power the entire farm, including the Farm Store, using solar energy from solar panels.

Roseda Farm Solar Panels