Meet The Team - Roseda Farm, Monkton, MD
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Dean Bryant looks over Roseda Farms

Our Team

Prime People

The Roseda Family

Roseda’s success begins with our people. Come meet the folks who make our farm possible.

  • Ed Burchell Sr.

    Ed Burchell Sr.

    Ed Burchell grew up in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, seemingly worlds away from farms and cattle. Growing up, Ed barely saw so much as a blade of grass, mostly concrete and asphalt. He was raised Catholic and believed in the importance of service and giving back from a young age. After school, Ed served in Army Intelligence for two years, from 1964 to 1966, and was discharged as a captain. Ed went on to become a leader in local business and in his community. He ran a successful healthcare company and served as chairman of many boards, including Loyola University of Maryland. For Ed, the spirit of giving and leadership are the two pillars of leading a fulfilling life.

  • Rosemary Burchell

    Rosemary Burchell

    Rosemary Burchell was born and raised in Dundalk, Maryland. An only child, Rosemary fondly remembers helping her father run the family grocery store for the majority of her childhood. Rosemary was well known for being the grocery store sweetheart, friendly and chatty with all of her father’s customers. She says this type of customer service and attention were essential to keep people shopping locally, instead of taking their business to the larger grocery store across the street.

    Rosemary had her first date with Ed over 60 years ago, and the rest is history. She has been a supportive wife, mother, and part business owner of Roseda since day one. She even came up with the company name by combining her (ROSEmary) and Ed’s (EDward A.) names. Their names are at the heart of it all.

In 1996…

In 1996, Ed Sr. met Dean and Marcia Bryant. Born and raised on a small cattle operation in Indiana, Dean has cattleman blood in his veins. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Animal Science and a Master’s in Animal Genetics. After school, he moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore and played an enormous role in developing the University of Maryland’s Wye Herd genetics program. Dean is now Roseda’s resident cattleman and genetics master.

Also born on a farm in Indiana, Marcia knows a thing or two about the business herself. The fearless leader of the Farm Store, she’s renowned for her extensive knowledge of different beef products and easy-going, social personality. Marcia works closely with all of our Farm Store customers to help them get as much as possible from their experience. She recommends different cuts based on her customers’ needs, keeps the store well stocked with our products, as well as complimentary products from other local farms, and helps with Roseda outreach including the Facebook page and Weekly Newsletters.

In 2011, as the needs of Roseda operation grew, Ed Sr. crossed paths with Bill Ruppersberger, a fifth-generation trailblazer of George G. Ruppersberger & Sons. They are a local meat processing company that have been providing meat to the greater Baltimore community since 1866. Together, Bill and Ed joined operations to co-found Old Line Custom Meat Company, LLC. This marriage combines generations of tradition and service to provide an even larger community with high-quality product right from the company’s Monroe St. processing plant in Baltimore City.

Finally, as a family man, Ed Sr. always dreamed of being able to run a business that could involve his family. In 2016, this hope was realized when Edward Burchell Jr. (Eddie), left his executive job with the Baltimore Ravens to join Ed Sr. and Bill as a Roseda partner. Eddie has always believed in building relationships and brands, serving others and creating something bigger than himself. He hopes to carry on the Burchell legacy as a second-generation member of the team.

Together, this group works together to provide the best products to a community they know, love, and have worked hard to serve in so many different ways for many years. Each one of the partners is also a passionate advocate for community service and giving, and they strive to find ways to aid others through their work whenever possible.