Know Your Beef - Roseda Farm, Monkton, MD
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Roseda Black Angus Cattle

Know Your Beef

Beef With a Background

At Roseda, we oversee the life of our animals from birth to your fork. Our prestigious genetics program ensures that all of our cattle are bred from genetics selected to produce outstanding quality beef.

Healthy Upbringing

Try a Little Tenderness

After being weaned at seven months, our cattle graze from fresh green pastures for most of their lives. They are then placed on a wholesome diet of chopped corn plants and kernels, hay, alfalfa, soybean meal, vitamins, and fresh water. We never use hormones, chemical additives, or antibiotics unless medically necessary for animal husbandry.

roseda black angus cows in field
Exceptional Taste

The Dry-Age Difference

  1. Did you know that you can experience that great juicy, steak-like experience from eating a Roseda burger? It’s true! We take an extra step that most people in the industry skip: Dry-aging.

  2. Dry-aging is a process that entails keeping our carcasses in a regulated-humidity, refrigerated cooler for 14–21 days after harvest. This extra time allows for some of the moisture in the carcass to evaporate, and for enzymes to break down some of the more fibrous tissue, leaving behind more tender meat with a rich, beefy flavor.

  3. Some other companies occasionally dry-age their prime cuts, but most of them skip this step altogether because it’s costly and takes up too much refrigerated space. At Roseda, we’re willing to take the extra time and incur the extra expense—because we know that it’s the difference between a good burger and a great one.

roseda beef dry aging cuts

Cuts Above The Rest

One of our goals at Roseda is to educate our customers about all the potential goodness they can get and explore from our product, and to let them know that they have options!

Everyone knows about New York strip steaks and filets, but did you know that there are over 50 different cuts of beef to choose from? Each cut has a different texture and taste, and lends itself better to certain methods of cooking. Click on the diagram below to explore which cut is best for your needs!