Our Story - Roseda Farm, Monkton, MD
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Black Angus cattle grazing at Roseda Farm

Our Story

From Simple Beginnings

In 1986, Ed Burchell embarked on what he thought would be the beginning of his retirement. He bought a quiet farm tucked in the hills of Monkton, Maryland, with his wife, Rosemary. He even bought a few cows to graze the property, so that he wouldn’t even have to mow the grass.

Somewhere Along the Way

It didn’t take long for Ed to start thinking more seriously about his cows. He quickly observed a clear inconsistency in his experiences with eating beef. He became convinced that, with care and attention, he could create a better-tasting product.

Roseda Beef chuck roast

Ed Meets Dean

Ed met cattle expert, Dean Bryant in 1996, and with that, Roseda Farm was born. Dean taught Ed the essential elements of raising cattle for juiciness and tenderness. He proved that with the right genetics, the right feeding, and the right watering and health practices, you could breed cattle that were superior from pasture to plate.

Ed Burchell

By The Numbers

  • 1996

  • 350

  • 600

    Head of Cattle
  • 45

    Local Farm Partners

The Roseda Difference

  1. Breeding

    Roseda cattle are specially chosen and bred based on their genetics. Dean and his team select Aberdeen Angus bulls—also known as Black Angus bulls—based on traits that produce outcomes such as high-quality marbling, tenderness and fat thickness.

  2. All-Natural

    Roseda cattle are never fed growth hormones or antibiotics. They are grass-fed and grain finished—an all-natural diet of corn, alfalfa, hay, soybean meal and fresh water.

  3. Dry-Aged

    Once harvested, Roseda meat is dry aged for 14 to 21 days to give the beef a truly premium taste, removing moisture to bring flavor, tenderness and juiciness to the fore. And it's this process that sets Roseda apart from other beef.

Quality Farm to Fork

We monitor our cattle from the embryo all the way to your plate for an unparalleled, mouthwatering craft beef experience.

Plus, over 50% of Roseda cattle qualify as Glatt Kosher—more than two times the rate of ordinary herds—a further testament of Roseda’s quality assurance and care for our animals.

Awards & Recognition

We are proud to have the support of our community and our peers in the industry.

  • One of Baltimore's Best Family-Run Businesses

    Baltimore Business Journal

  • Best Creative Burgers in Baltimore

    CBS Baltimore

  • Cooperator of the Year, 1999

    Baltimore County Soil Conservation District

  • One of the Nation's Best Hot Dogs

    USA Today

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