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Roseda Black Angus Cattle

Bred to Be the Best

Cattle Operations

It's About Genetics

At Roseda, we know that great-tasting beef results from generations of careful breeding. Our prestigious genetics program works tirelessly with other breeders and commercial cattlemen to produce Angus genetics that offer both the greatest economic value for producers and the best Angus products for our consumers.

We Are Angus

Watch this clip to hear Ed Burchell Sr. and Dean Bryant talk about the differentiating features of our genetics program, and why we are Angus.


From One Cattleman to Another

In this video, Russell Nemetz speaks with Dean & Marcia Bryant about our unique genetics program, our brand’s place in the local community, and the extra processing steps we take that make our beef taste so special!

Roseda Wye Line Breeding Program

Our Wye Line Breeding Program

At Roseda, we say our cattle are “carefully bred, and naturally fed”. Our genetics program is proof that this careful breeding process yields delicious results. Click the link below to learn about our herd’s genetic background and why we chose Wye.